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Terms of Service

Valued Customers,

Thank you for choosing Basen.

To ensure high level service for you, please read the following conditions carefully and do remember to keep your warranty card or original sales receipt handy for all warranty claims.

Warranty Details:

1. Basen is repaired freely in the warranty times only if the product was purchased from an authorized dealer or reseller. This applies to Basen S2 charger .( New product will be added later )
2. Basen ‘ warranty policy doesn’t cover contents any third party claims. Only genuine BASEN is the authorized party.

Warranty commitments:

1. Product failing to operate can be replaced within 15 days from the purchase. The product will be replaced with the same model or one of equal or better performance in the unlikely event it has been discontinued.
2. Free repairing service: After 15 days, BASEN provides repairing service free of charge within 60 months (5 years) from the date of purchase for lights that become malfunction through normal usage. Different products are covered by different warranty periods.

Basen’s warranty service is rendered NULL AND VOID if

1. Failure or damage caused by excessive dropping , unauthorized modification or reconstruction.
2. Failure or damage is caused by improper use, storage or maintenance (refer to product instruction manual).
3. Damage is caused by battery leakage.
4. Customers cannot supply either: their BASEN warranty card or original sales receipt.
5. Failure or damage is caused by inferior quality components/parts not manufactured by BASEN.


1. If an item needed to be returned or repaired, please send email to with the title of Warranty Affairs.
2. To ensure your policy ,please purchase Basen from an authorized dealer or resellers.
3. If there’re conflicts in the warranty rules of BASEN , the rules will be adjusted to guarantee a swift and effective customer service.

If you want to get more information about the warranty , please feel free to contact us by email

Thanks again for choosing BASEN!

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